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this is a space full of every single PIcture, video or gif i love, its all about a Hobbie, some yaoi or gay posts, modeling, movies, music and a lot more, i post some pictures of myself too.... so JUST ENJOY MY TUMBLR (SEX-LOVE-YAOI-GAY-SELFIES-MY PICTURES-GIFS-FUN-ENJOY IT!!!)
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"I may be young and have less experience in office but the people love me. I won and you lost. The campaigns over. Your career’s over. You may as well submit to me completely"

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I made some “pokedoll” pixels (with 3 extras at the bottom)!! The eeveelutions didn’t really turn out the way I’d hoped, so I might go back and edit them later. Heck, I may even make more at some point! If you want, you can use them. All I ask is that you credit me if you do ^^


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Living in the dorms over summer—it’s pretty relaxed :)

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